Once the previous deck was removed, we were now able to start building the new deck. I reached out to the city and had them locate all cable and electrical lines before digging. I then got help marking out where all the footings would go. The footings would need a hole dug 4 feet deep and 10 inches wide. I rented an auger from Home Depot to dig out all 16 holes. After a lot of hard work involving much sweat and dirt, all holes were dug. I then placed 4x4 posts into the holes and put cement around the posts setting them in place. After this was completed it was time to connect the beams to the posts and start to build the structural box. I used 2x8 and 2x6 green treated lumber from Menards for the beams and joists. After the box was assembled, I started to put in all the joists. The joists needed to be placed every 12 inches on center to hold the composite decking. This all took over a week to finish these steps. The first day I dug the holes, the second I put in the posts and set the 2 beams, the third day I completed the box, then on the fourth I started to put in the joists. It took 2 days just to do the joists. All of this work was not done by myself. I had great friends come and help me plan, haul, and assemble. This has been a lot of work and is not finished yet but progress is being made and friendships are growing. I look forward to enjoying the deck with my family and our friends for many many years to come.