You’ve heard of staging a home, but what exactly does that mean? What are the costs involved? And is it totally necessary to stage a home before selling?

First things first – just what IS staging? Staging is the process of making temporary decorative changes in a home to help the home sell faster, and for a higher price. This can include rearranging or renting furniture, bringing in art pieces, and adding curtains/drapery (Home Staging vs. Interior Design: What's the Difference?). Unlike interior design, staging is meant to appeal to the greatest number of buyers - rather than the current owner of the home (Home Staging vs. Interior Design: What's the Difference?).

The cost of staging a home can vary depending on location, duration of staging, and how much staging needs to be done (Home Staging and Hiring a Stager). For instance, a vacant home will likely need more work than a home with residents. Additionally, homes in coastal areas are typically more expensive to stage than homes in the Midwest – just another perk of Iowa living! Duration of staging can affect price as well; many stagers charge by the week or month. So a home that is staged for one week will cost significantly less than a home staged for two months. The average price range for staging is $500-$700 here in the Midwest (Don't Hire a Home Stager Without Asking These 10 Questions) (Home Staging and Hiring a Stager). 

Is it necessary to stage your home before selling? Strictly speaking, no. Many homes sell without consulting a stager. However, “a staged property sells 88% faster and for 20% more than a nonstaged one.” (Home Staging vs. Interior Design: What's the Difference?) So while your home will probably sell without the help of staging, the cost of using a professional to help “dress up” your home will likely pay for itself in a sale price increase – not to mention lightening the weight of the home selling process by making it shorter.


Next week we’ll look at how to pick the right stager. We'll also discuss tips and tricks to spruce up your home from professional stagers – some of which you can implement yourself for little to no cost!