Owning a dog has so many benefits but a definite drawback is the deposits that the family pet leaves all over the yard. Cleaning up waste is an important part of being a pet owner and a homeowner. Some may think that if it’s not in a public place it’s fine to leave the waste to decompose. However, it is better for the environment and for those living in the home to have the waste properly removed.

This will improve the look of the yard and protect against the inconvenience of having to wash shoes or bare feet running around the yard. It can also cut down on the number of flies in a yard and protect the soil. Dog waste often has parasitic eggs or larvae that if left in the yard can enter the soil and contaminate it. In extreme cases, some homeowners have had to wait to plant gardens or other plants because the soil has too many pathogens in it. These are just some of the reasons to create a habit of regularly cleaning up after your pets.

There are a variety of ways to achieve a clean and usable yard while having pets.


Dog waste bags. These protect against having to touch the waste product and can also help contain the smell in the waste bin. Nowadays there are a variety of styles and companies to choose from.

Pooper Scooper. There is a variety of these sold at pet stores and Amazon. The pooper scooper allows you to retrieve the waste without bending down. They are very efficient and user-friendly. The only consideration would be to regularly clean the pooper scooper for storage purposes.

Other methods that are helpful, include training the dog to use a specific spot in the yard, digging a hole and placing a “waste” bucket for the dog to poop in, and some have even used a freezing spray to freeze the waste so it’s easier to pick up all at once.

Things to avoid in the removal of waste product is using dog waste as fertilizer or flushing it down the toilet. It can be converted to fertilizer but first, it must be treated to kill off any bacteria that could be harmful to the soil.

The best way to remove dog waste is to simply put it out with the trash. It is also recommended depending on how many dogs owned, to get a separate wastebasket with a lid for dog waste. This can help eliminate unwanted smells.

Creating a daily habit of cleaning up after the beloved family pet will keep your yard more enjoyable and usable.