It’s easy to rack up a high water bill in the bathroom! Whether we realize it or not, most of us are using far more water than is necessary. Let’s look at 5 simple ways to cut down on water consumption in the bathroom, at little to no cost to implement.

Showers, Not Baths

For adults and older children, stick to showers instead of baths. Unless you’re in the habit of taking really long, really hot showers, filling up the tub will use up more water than a quick shower will.

Shorter Shower Times

While we’re on the subject of showers, reduce the length of yours. If you’re prone to spacing off in the shower, think about focusing on concrete things such as what you’re planning to wear, your to-do list for the day, or items you need to buy. Having something you’re purposefully thinking about will help you to be more aware of the time than letting your mind wander. And if you’re anything like me, one reason you stay in the shower longer than necessary is because it’s so cold when you get out! You can minimize this by keeping the bathroom door closed (with the fan on for ventilation, of course) to keep the warm air contained. This will make it easier to face getting out the warm shower during those cold Iowa winter mornings.

Low-Flow Fixtures

While current regulations require showerheads and faucets to have low-flow rates – using no more than 2 gallons of water/minute -  older fixtures (1992 and older) use approximately 6 gallons per minute. A common misconception about low-flow showerheads is that your water pressure will suffer, but there are many options that will give you the pressure you’re looking for. You can also install low-flow toilets which use significantly less water with each flush.

Water Aerators

Just as with showerheads, you can adjust the amount of water you’re using in the sink. A simple way to do this is by attaching an aerator to the end of your sink faucet. Aerators mix air in with the stream of water which will keep you’re pressure the same while decreasing the water used.

Turn Off the Faucet
The easiest way to reduce water usage in the bathroom is to simply turn off the sink while shaving, brushing teeth, or washing your face. Save the water for when you are actively using it.


If you are looking for more ways to save water and reduce your bills in doing so, check out specific suggestions for the appliances in your home. Remember that small changes can really add up!